...Want fries with that?

Work, why it keep hanging on to your leg long after you have left the office? Should work be kept in the office? Like working in a circus and your position is the lion tamer. Imagine taking that kind of work back home with you... Its like I'm getting married and NOW of all time in the whole wide world; clients wants to have a meeting, contents for uploading comes in bundles like MAKRO having a year end sale and to top that off, I'm gonna miss the soft launch of the website. Tough.

Medium or large?

That's right, it doesn't come in small but you can always have it as side order and most of the time people have it 'To Go' which is usually a bad idea. But, there I was in front of the PC at 11:30 am, two and a half hours before my wedding tiring to key in as much data as humanly possible for the clients. Then again, being stressful is kinda good.

Just like fries.

Why? Cause it always taste horrid when it's cold. Leaves a bad taste in your mouth. But you can't seem to resist odering more. Why is that? Cos it's fries man, everybody loves fries right?

Thank you, come again.