I believe that the only thing that will be truly lost are the things that you could never get to replace.

That's why I make it an effort to not lose these things. I guess that each of us has to decide for ourselves what thes things are as we each value them differently.

Because some of these things may not even be of value at all but will be the one that we will regret losing in the end. Something that we are willing to fight for, to die for, are exactly the things that we would give freely.

The principal of the matter is that in life, most of us take for granted the things that we would not have thought to be important in our lives until we have lost it. Trivial things seem to be for me, is the strangest things that I can’t seem to forget and sometimes not even wanting to remember.

We will lose a lot of things going thru life, but the things that we will be able to remember is up to us, to make it the most important things that we will never loose…