Abducted By Aliens...Wish you were here.

12th March 2007, 8:35pm. For some people, this will be a time where they could rest their heads sitting back at their sofas and watching their favorite TV programs while sipping a cool glass of water. For me, it's just one of those days staying back at the office, trying to figure out what am I supposed to do that I haven't already done for the past nine hours already.

It's just like where some people get abducted by aliens and tell of unspeakable experiments they have conducted and then erasing the memory of ever being into contact with them in the first place. Though, if you view the logic in it, how could they have remembered all that when they claim that they are supposed to forget about it?

Then again, I can't even remember half the things I do in the office even without being abducted by aliens. Though it would be nice to give that excuse to the client for not doing your job just by saying "I'm sorry, I was going to do the work, but I got abducted by aliens at my office. It actually happens most of the time too to the other employees..."

I guess sometimes it's better that we should try to get lost once in a while. From our daily routine, our troubles, sorrows, and most importantly our fears. Being lost to me is actually a perfect opportunity to 'Find' myself back again. Getting on the right track when we take a step back or off from the road that we were on. As for me I have absolutely no trouble in getting myself lost in so many ways. In thought, work, play, going to work, coming home from work and anything else in between. To sum it all up in a sentence, 'You will never truly find yourself if you are never lost...' or something like that. So in short, all I wanted to say to you guys is to GET LOST!!! %)