Where Heaven Is And Angels Are...

I wonder why sometimes that in our lives, people search for miracles. Why we search for things that would be considered as an act of god, like angels and heaven. Why our definitions of it compels us to envision beautiful angels; spirits with wings shining and unimaginable view of the gates of heaven.

But sometimes we forget (like normal humans do)that the things that we expect are always exaggerated that we fail to see that what we search for is right in front of our very noses. Reminds me of the story I once told to a friend about the priest who wanted god to save him from drowning, but drowned anyway. So let me enlighten you on my concept of heaven and angels.

A Feet of Haven:
First off, everybody should already have know where haven on earth is. That is most probably the easiest thing to know in the world. While we constantly search for the existence of a "place", haven to me lies at our mothers feet (not trying to sound so typically lame or anything) as mother is the word spoken from the mouth of every child in the world. Hence the existence of haven could be interpreted.

Although few may argue that not all mothers are truly equal in caring for their offspring, but for me, it is when they give birth to us that there is no closer relation to haven (in which our soles comes from) as they are the door in which we are brought to this world (to cross from haven to earth). In layman's terms, 'No mother, No life'.

Ordinary Angels:
Let's now find the angels that we search for in life. Now this topic might be open for discussion as our perception of 'Angels' vary to each of our individual needs (and wants) which is expected in each of these angels that we seek to be filled. As beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, angels might lie in the beholders sole, for beauty may satisfy the eye, but angels will satisfy the sole (or so it is hoped).

I have always searched for an 'Angel' in my life yet I fail to know that it was right there in plain sight all along. The fact of the matter is, I fail to understand that angels don't have to be extraordinary, as they can be as much as ordinary as you and me. They don't have to be beautiful or have wings and shine brightly, as I was blessed with the company of my "Ordinary Angel" for close to 8 years now (and still counting). My ordinary angel would be in this world, is my wife (for the record, my wife's name is Suhana Binti Omar)... As only an angel could ever cope with my bad habits, my flaws, my moods, my self. That, I find to be a task which only an angel could endure even though she might only be an ordinary angel, she is my ordinary angel. To me that is more than I could ever hope for.)

So, to sum it up, I hope I could be an ordinary angel someday in hopes that I can show people that their ordinary angels are right there all along. As they to might be somebody's ordinary angel as well... It's better to be an ordinary angel to someone than to just be ordinary...

P.S.: I almost post this blog in spelling the word 'Angel' as 'Angle'... Close one ;P