What is Merdeka?

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance…

Have we ever wondered or asked ourselves the question ‘What is the true meaning of Merdeka?’ and come up with the right answer? To me, the new generation must know one simple thing, that it is not our privilege to have but it is our duty to uphold, protect and honor the idea of Merdeka itself.

It is not something that is written on a piece of paper, it is not something that is aired on TV and it is certainly not a brilliant fireworks display every one a year. Merdeka can only be felt by those who have been deprived of it. We can never understand how it feels to be hungry if we are always full. We will never know the true meaning of happiness if we have never felt sorrow. The new generation will never know the meaning of Merdeka if they are not first be ruled by someone or something.

Thus that is why we find ourselves accepting influences from the outside world and slowly be ruled by it. Unless we make ourselves aware of this situation, the idea of Merdeka will ultimately remain to be just a word written in a piece of paper and nothing more….