Laughter Test

A work in progress...

If a chicken crosses the road, would you:

a)      Wonder why it cross the road

b)      Wonder where it’s going next

c)      Wonder if you need surgery because your in a ditch at the side of the road for not paying attention to your driving

If a tree falls in the middle of the forest, would you:

a)      Wonder if anybody will care

b)      Wonder who is to blame for the deforestation of our forest

c)      Wonder ‘Why in hell does this tree had to fall on me exactly when I’m walking under it?’

If you are going to see your clients for an important meeting, would you:

a)      Prepare a good presentation note for all scenarios in the meeting

b)      Prepare a good Q and A note session after the meeting

c)      Prepare a good bye note to your boss while your jetting of home early

If you are designing a page layout and your boss argues about the design and try to give ideas, would you choose:

a)      Using Windows98 and force the boss to give a better operating system

b)      Using Windows XP and force the boss to give a better designing software

c)      Using the balcony window and force the boss and his ideas out the window

If you happen to see one of your client get hit by a car in front of you, would you:

a)      Run out and make sure that the client is still alive

b)      Run and chase the driver who ran your client over

c)  Run your client over again and thank the driver who hit him in the first place