The Ant & The Grasshopper

The constant and the definite.

Funny... I remember a story about the ant and the grasshopper a long time ago while watching the Muppet Show on TV. The Muppet Show version of the ant and the grasshopper was the best and I might say the most politically correct version as to date. It depicts the saga of the traditionally hard working ant and the unjustly stamped character of the grasshopper of being carefree and lazy. Though In my opinion they are more towards being dangerously volatile and destructive, but since it was a children program, I'll let it slide.

So coming back to the story, there was the ever so hard working ant working it's butt off day in and day out to store enough food for the winter. And yet I never did understand how an insect so small would want to do with a ton of food supply, I will never know. While in the distant background, there lays the ever so joyous grasshopper fiddling away with its violin having not a care in the world. Again I was dumbfounded by the portrayal of a grasshopper playing an instrument such as the violin which I guess was supposed to make it look either being happy and gay ('gay' which is referring to the 60's gay and not the 21st century perception of it) or jut that it has more talent than the ant, even though both insect poses the same logic processing nerves, ligament and tendon structure.

And as we all are aware of how the old story goes, the ant was trying to give its 2 cent to the ever so ignorant grasshopper about acting responsible and preparing for the future rather than just living for the moment. Seeing as the grasshopper was more a fan of 50 cent, thus telling the ant to go to the candy shop and buying a lollypop and sticking it where the sun don't shine. Eventhough the ant was only 48 cent short of convincing the grasshopper of his ways, they both parted tending to their separate agendas (and I thought ants are supposed to be good at calculus, go figure).

And so came the fateful day in which winter was upon the horizon. Yet to my surprise, something ironic happened:

"The grasshopper hopped in its convertible and went to California, while the ant got stepped on..."

The end.

As I was laughing away at the ending of the story, which was actually how the Muppet Story version ended, something profound came to mind. That story actually summarized the closes meaning to life in which I know of; There is no grater consistency in life than change, and no greater definite than death... That and also California is a great place to go in the winter.

I hoped that people would accept and understand that the only thing that is constant in our life is change while to remember that the only definite in life is death. Simple, yet true... The grasshopper know of the consistency of change thus moving on and yet the failure of the ant was not to the acceptance of change but the inability to remember that no matter how well you plan for the future, it won't stop the fact that you will most probably get stepped on in the end. Especially if you're an ant...

Oh, it also defines the logic on how the grasshopper could afford to own a convertible, because it knew how to play the violin, and you know a lot of people are famous for knowing to play the violin. Especially if you're a grasshopper...